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American Psychological Association Division 47

American Psychological Association Division 47

Formerly known as the Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology, SSEPP was created on August 24, 1986, by APA as its Division 47, after a Special Interest Group formed in 1982 had promoted the establishment of an organization for psychologists with research, teaching, and applied interests in exercise and sport psychology.

Membership is open to all APA members and student members, as well as to non-APA members via the categories of student affiliate, professional affiliate, and international affiliate. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology began publication in 2012 and is the official journal of the Society, publishing papers in all areas of sport, exercise, and performance psychology for applied scientists and practitioners. The Society’s leadership is an Executive Committee comprised of the current President, Past President, President-elect, Secretary/Treasurer, 2 Members-at-Large, APA Council Representative, Senior and Junior Program Chairs, Communication Coordinator, and 2 Student Representatives. Three standing committees are the Cornerstone (dedicated to issues in education, science, practice, and public interest), Membership, and Social Media Committees, open to both members and nonmembers of APA. The

Society hosts an active listserv, offers a wide range of programs at the annual meeting of APA, and recognizes outstanding work in sport psychology via several awards, including awards in research, practice, the

Outstanding Paper of the Year in its journal, and Dissertation and Early Career Professional awards. There are 2 sections of SSEPP, Running Psychologists, which with SSEPP sponsors “Ray’s Race” at the annual
convention, and Performance Psychology.

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