Welcome to the Monthly Research Round Up!

The goal of this round up is to provide you, the reader, with a curated place to come learn about the most cutting edge research focused on sport.

In curating this monthly research round-up, a careful selection process is employed to ensure a comprehensive and diverse coverage of the evolving landscape of sports science. The articles featured are chosen based on rigorous criteria aimed at delivering the most impactful and relevant insights across multiple disciplines. Consideration was given is given to articles from journals with:

  • reputation in the field
  • boasting high impact factors
  • a stringent peer-review process to guarantee the quality of published research
  • an emphasis was placed on inclusivity
  • encompassing various facets within sports science

In choosing the sources to review, the goal was to present a holistic view of the latest advancements, trends, and studies shaping the multifaceted domain of sports science.

Let’s dive in: Links below!