Sport In Society (SIS)

Jan 2023


The global impact of sport in domains including culture, identity, politics, governance, business, industry, communication and technology has paralleled a vibrant growth in international academia’s focus upon sport’s significance for society. Sport in Society is an international forum for academics and professionals to engage in critical debates on sport. The journal publishes original and outstanding peer-reviewed articles and commentaries that advance our understanding of key issues in professional and recreational sport, exercise, lifestyle and ‘alternative’ sport, and coaching in a social context.


The journal intends to establish a working alliance among scholars in all disciplines of humanities and the social sciences as a way of promoting multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. It also places high value on research by professionals that complement academic studies of the growing relationship of sport to an array of public domains. Committed to promoting studies on and by formerly or currently marginalized human groups and geographical regions, the journal encourages submissions that address issues of exclusion. The Editorial Board welcomes submissions that demonstratively convey impact on its end users.