Sports Innovation Journal (SIJ)

Jan 2023


This journal’s mission is to create an ongoing culture of collaboration between researchers and practitioners in every aspect of the sports industry. Instead of only targeting findings to other researchers, the Sports Innovation Journal works with practitioners to better understand the problems facing the industry and then deploys researchers to study and solve those problems, becoming industry change agents.


Sport is a multidisciplinary field applied in many settings, including public, community, youth, scholastic, intercollegiate, and professional. Innovation has become a well-known term but less is known as to what constitutes innovation in different areas of sports.

Examples of content areas within the aforementioned levels of sport are listed below. This is not to be considered an exhaustive list. Authors are encouraged to use their own discretion as to what is considered an innovative research topic or question and the editorial board will provide an extra level of review.

  • Business Front Office (Marketing/Sales/Sponsorship/Ticketing)
  • Personnel Front Office (Roster Management/Draft/Free Agency/Salary Cap)
  • Legal & Compliance (NCAA Bylaws/Collective Bargaining Agreements/Media & Employment Contracts/Gambling/Agents & Attorneys)
  • Governance & Business Structure (NCAA/Olympic/League Offices/Athletic Departments)
  • Media & Journalism (Broadcasting/Radio/Writing/Creative/Interviewing/Technology)
  • Data Analytics (Data Visualization/Fan Experience/Moneyball/Strategy)
  • Human Centered Design (Fan & Participant Experience)
  • Engineering & Technology (Equipment Design/Modernized Facilities/Safety Innovations/Software Applications)
  • Sports Science (Treatment/Medical Devices/Athlete Performance Measurement)
  • Entrepreneurship (Start-Up Companies/Start-Up Sports Leagues)
  • Tourism (Event Bids/Travel Experience/
  • Philanthropy (Fundraising/Development/Donor Analytics/Athlete Charities)