The Sport Psychologist

Jan 2023


TSP is a scholarly refereed journal designed as a forum to stimulate thought and disseminate knowledge that focuses on the application and practice of sport psychology. A special emphasis of the journal is on the delivery of psychological services to practitioners such as athletes and coaches. TSP is international in scope and is receptive to diverse methodologies. TSP is published for sport psychology specialists who engage in research, teaching, and/or intervention in a variety of contexts including academic, public, and private settings. The journal is also intended for practitioners such as coaches who have training and interest in sport psychology.

The journal is divided into the following sections:

Applied Research. This section includes research reports that focus directly upon application and practice in sport psychology. Case studies, field studies, and reports of evaluation research that examine the effectiveness of psychological interventions in sport are highly appropriate. Articles about methodological and measurement issues are welcomed, including those that examine and/or utilize qualitative and other emerging research methods. Also appropriate are articles that link psychological theory and research to application in sport psychology.

Professional Practice. This section includes articles that discuss current and relevant professional issues in sport psychology and that report unique sport psychology interventions in different contexts. Articles that describe approaches and methods of teaching psychological skills are also appropriate, as are articles that report experiential learning, introspective observations, and clinical observations.

Profiles. This section includes interviews with coaches, athletes, and sport psychologists. It also contains editorials that address issues in the field, as well as feature stories on sport psychology in various countries.

Bulletin Board. This section includes international news in sport psychology from various countries, professional organizations, and university or private programs. Announcements of upcoming events, reports from past conferences, and the identification of resources available for sport psychology specialists are also included.

Book and Resource Reviews. This section includes reviews of books and other resources (e.g., videotapes, audio tapes, computer software) that are of interest to researchers, practitioners, and instructors in sport psychology.