Sport Business & Management (SBM)

Jan 2023


The coverage of the journal is fundamentally sport, business and management, with a broad range of related fields and topics falling under this area, including:

• Accounting and finance; economics; marketing; human resources; IT; law ; supply chain management and international business

• Corporate social responsibility and ethics; entrepreneurship and governance; organizational behavior in the sport industry

• Professional sport; global sport; elite sport; amateur sport; grassroots sport; and esport.

• Fans, spectators and customers; athletes and coaches; clubs and teams

• Leagues and competitions; events and tournaments; stadiums and venues

• Commercial and non-commercial partners; governing bodies and representative associations; intermediaries and athlete representatives

• Suppliers, retailers and other outlets for sport

• Traditional and new media outlets and distribution platforms

• Places and spaces; local economic, social and other relevant sporting projects/initiatives.

• Sociology, psychology, gender studies and contemporary topics related to the business of sport.