Scandinavian Sport Study Forum

Jan 2023


Importantly, the main focus of the journal is the interrelationship between sport and society, with each of the two as a possible starting point for study and analysis. Thus, preference will be given to manuscripts that further our knowledge of the interplay between sport(s) and society.

The overarching purposes of SSSF are

o   to further research and the development of knowledge in the field by publishing theoretical and empirical articles of the highest academic standards;

o   to offer a platform for creative cross-disciplinary conjunctions;

o   to bring Scandinavian sport studies to an international audience, and international sport studies to the Scandinavian sport study community; and

o   to reach these purposes by employing the new academic form for distribution of scientific knowledge, known as open access.


The scope of the journal is similarly wide. The study of sports in all academic disciplines within the social sciences and humanities is of interest, e.g. sociology, economy, law, media studies, ethnology, philosophy, history, psychology, pedagogy, cultural studies, gender studies, leisure studies, and others.