Physical Culture & Sport Studies & Research (PCSSR)

Jan 2023


Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research is directed to the representatives of the social sciences of sport (philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, pedagogues, managers of sport, and theoreticians of sport from particular or general point of view). The main goal of the journal is to present the most current (and only the best) papers from European, Western and Eastern countries of the world. It focuses on symbolic, axiological, and comparative aspects of contemporary sport. We dedicated this journal to humanists, social researchers, students, and practitioners.


This open access journal is publishing papers from many countries all over the world containing the newest results of the researches of the social sciences of sport. It is connected with such disciplines as: philosophy of sport, sociology of sport, history of sport, pedagogy of sport, psychology of sport, management of sport, and related to the social aspects of general and particular theory of sport. It is useful and indispensable for all scientists in this field of study.