Performance Enhancement & Health (PEH)

Jan 2023


Performance Enhancement & Health is an international, peer-reviewed journal that that critically explores the health and social implications of pharmacological, genetic, psychological, technological, and other enhancements of the human being. This multi-disciplinary journal examines the implications of performance enhancement on the human condition. Performance enhancement may be linked to productivity, identity, social capital or pleasure, while health is envisaged broadly as absence of disease, optimal functioning, and overall wellbeing.


Performance Enhancement & Health welcomes papers, in English, on topics including, but not restricted to, the following:

• Human enhancement drugs, novel psychoactive substances, traditional drugs, and doping

• Sport, exercise and fitness

• Body shape and image, and bodily functions

• Workplace and school performance

• Quality of life, (anti-)aging, and lifestyle

• Cosmetic surgery

• Artistic expression

• Health technology, digitalization and virtual reality

• Cyborgs and cyber-humans

• Dietary practice, nutrition and ergogenic aids

• Disability and prosthetics

• Fatigue and injury prevention

• Sex reassignment surgery and sexual function