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Technique can be considered the kinematics used during a movement. BUT the study of kinematics alone does accurately describe HOW that technique emerged.

It is better to think of technique as the execution of a decision. Technique is linked to the information source, so it isn’t absolute or permanent; it varies depending on the context in which a movement is being asked. Technique is a result of individual, task and environmental constraints of a particular movement. Technique is the outcome of intention and perception, thus technique needs to be studied in that realm.

It’s important to realize that technique is linked to the information source. It is dynamic; its not permanent and not something an athlete owns. It always changing depending on the situation and context. As you can see in the video below, the technique the athlete uses changes when they have to execute a decision and solve a problem.

Nikolai Bernstein said, “No natural phenomenon can be understood without carefully considering how it emerged.” Thus to change technique, we first need to understand the problem. Understand that it is highly unlikely that working on technique out of context, is going to stick when you bring it back to your sport.