Dr. Brian Gearity


Dr. Brian Gearity (aka Dr. G) is the Founding Director and Associate Tenured Professor of undergraduate and graduate Sport programs at the University of Denver. A teenage powerlifting champion and Division III football player, Dr. G’s passion for weight training set him on the path to becoming a strength and conditioning coach at the high school, collegiate, and professional level, including stops with the Cleveland Indians Baseball team and University of Tennessee. An internationally recognized scholar-practitioner, Dr. G is a sought after speaker and consultant on coach development, psychosocial aspects of coaching, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Both published by Routledge in 2020, he co-edited the book, “Coach Education and Development in Sport: Instructional Strategies” and co-authored, “Understanding Strength and Conditioning as Sport Coaching: Bridging the Biophysical, Pedagogical and Sociocultural Foundations of Practice.”

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