Sport In History (SH)

Jan 2023


Sport in History is concerned with all aspects of sport and associated forms of leisure and recreation in the past. The journal is the academic arm of the British Society of Sports History and is committed to publishing original, archive-based research on the history of sport from a variety of disciplines. The journal offers its readers substantive and lively articles on a variety of themes throughout history, as well as historiographical debates, review articles and wide-ranging book reviews.


Sport in History publishes high quality historical research on sport, combining a wide range of topics and approaches, attracting a mix of leading historians and younger scholars, with excellent special issues – ‘amateurism’, ‘the aesthetics of sport’, and ‘sports literature’, are recent examples. It is interdisciplinary, serious, accessible and lively with meticulous and expert editorial direction.” Professor Richard Holt, De Montfort University, UK