Science & Medicine In Football (SMIF)

Jan 2023


The mission of the publication is to advance the theoretical knowledge, methodological approaches and the professional practice associated with the sport of football. The journal aims to publish meaningful articles on various aspects of sports medicine and science related to all codes of football.


Topic areas include sports medicine, epidemiology, prevention, rehabilitation, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, training and testing, performance analysis, sport psychology and coaching. Manuscripts from social sciences are only considered when they deal with aspects very close to these named fields.

Authors are particularly invited to submit work covering the following areas which are considered to be underrepresented in the scientific literature of football:

-Intervention studies

-Replication studies (i.e. studies reproducing previous investigations but with improved methodology, sample size, control of confounders, etc.).

-Studies with negative outcome will be saved from getting a minus point during review.

-Methodological studies (particularly those addressing real football or football research issues).

-Registered Reports

-Science and Medicine in Football supports research transparency initiatives and good practice. Authors are invited to follow international guidelines for quality of reporting